Day of the Flemish community

11 July: historical background

On 11 July 1302, craftsmen and peasants from the Flemish cities and municipalities defeated an army of French knights at the Groeningekouter in Kortrijk. Hundreds of golden spurs were later found on the battlefield. That is how this battle came to be known as the Battle of the Golden Spurs.

On this historic day, Flanders celebrates Flanders Day. Brussel Danst (previously ‘Feest in Brussel’, and before that ‘De Gulden Ontsporing’) is a festive event in the capital of Flanders. There are all sorts of artistic events going on from lunchtime until the evening, from guided walks and dance battles to live acts and pulsating music. Brussel Danst is one big party that brings people and communities together.

Be part of Brussel Danst on 11th of July!